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Since its inception in 2004, Garden Garden Bali realized that product differentiation is fundamental for todays competitive and globalize environment. It is due to this force that the Garden Garden Bali creative team of designers were able to produce furniture with the inspiration and in-sights needed to meet the customer�s preferences, requirements and expectations.

For large orders, please contact us directly to request a special price list on all our products.
Paris Furniture 119  
137.00 USD
This PARIS 119 item from out outdoor rattan collection will look great to decorate your garden, or your living room. The..
Paris Furniture 118  
192.00 USD
This outstanding rattan synthetic couch surely will be one of the most interesting item in your home. Elegant style that..
Paris Furniture 117  
100.00 USD
PARIS as the city that already well-known for its glamour, is the inspiration of the name of category of this outdoor ra..
Terrace Furniture 148  
220.00 USD
A unique synthetic rattan couch from our outdoor rattan collection should be completing and enhancing the appearance of ..
Terrace Furniture  147  
81.00 USD
A simple but unique design of this synthetic wicker chair will amaze everybody whoever sit on it. Made and especially de..
Terrace Furniture 138  
60.00 USD
Another style of synthetic wicker mini bar chair. This beautiful synthetic rattan chair can be considered when you want ..
70.00 USD
A simple yet artistic look of this palm pot would give another lovely impression and make others admire your flower deco..
BOWL 60  
80.00 USD
Another palm pot design shaped into a tiny bowl to hold some water and flower, it uncomplicated shape gives such gorgeou..
200K. C 04  
150.00 USD
Simply and elegant is the only impression that arise to describing this 200 cm high of palm pot. This stunning pal pot (..
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Messina Furniture 52
106.00 USD
Our MESSINA collection of outdoor rattan is also consisting of this small synthetic wicker chair. An...
Messina Furniture 49
194.00 USD
This simple but elegant outdoor rattan table should come together with the synthetic rattan long cha...
Rocky Furniture 29
108.00 USD
Also part of one set of ROCKY outdoor rattan collection, this synthetic rattan chair is the body par...
Unique Furniture 56
110.00 USD
A similar design with UNIQUE 055, this synthetic wicker table has larger sizes, so if you need more ...

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